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Most people are surprised to learn there is no licensing for Furniture Removalists...That’s right,


At Baulkham Hills Removals, we think that is a ridiculous situation.

You need up to 6 licences to open a Beauty Salon, up to 10 licences to open a Cafe, as many as 21 licences to be a Tour Operator and even a small Handyman service requires up to 4 licences, but you don’t need any form of Government regulation to take away a family’s entire worldly possessions. So don’t think there is any sort of protection for you as a consumer if things go wrong.

The nearest thing to licensing is an industry body called AFRA, the Australian Furniture Removers Association. Does every removalist have to belong to AFRA? Not at all. In fact, for every three removalists who apply for AFRA Accreditation there would be two turned away because they can’t (or won’t) meet the required standards. The entry requirements are quite strict, but at Baulkham Hills Removals we believe it focuses us on running our business properly and provides much comfort to our customers.

If anyone who is not an AFRA member tries to tell you that it’s not so important, consider this... in NSW you cannot do a State Government removal unless you are Accredited to AFRA standard. The Government moves a lot of people, that’s a lot of work to miss out on! (So the Government is happy enough for you to take your chances but they insist on a Purchasing standard for their own work. Now why do you think that is?)

Another thing, to be an AFRA member we have to lodge a cash bond which can be used against our company if we have a dispute with a customer that needs to be arbitrated. That is fantastic protection for you, the consumer, and a huge incentive for the removalist to do the right thing. If you use a non- AFRA removalist your only recourse will be the legal system.

Now, remember that removalist who told you that being in AFRA wasn’t that important? What do you think now?


In 24 years in this industry we have met two customers who waved goodbye to all
their goods on a removal truck AND NEVER SAW THEIR GOODS AGAIN!

It happens!
Be careful!